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D-LINK HomePlug for RM70 each when you buy 2 or more. Comes with all new Homeplug AV2 tech that supports up to 500Mbps. Enquire from within!


Deploying an Enterprise-class WiFi for a 3-storey bungalow complete with QoS settings and running with the all new Wireless A/C, supporting up to 1Gbps speed.

About us

Our vision

Convenient, customized and intelligent - our aim to deliver these essential needs to your home, aligned to making our very own intelligent homes in our beloved homeland Malaysia.

What we do

At Pulse Networks, we aim to deliver residential networking solution so that the home itself responds to you at your fingertips.

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We provide customized networking solution as such interconnecting all your home devices wired or wirelessly, fully utilizing your broadband services throughout your entire home, extending your WiFi coverage and even a very personal network where you could store your data and access them from anywhere! All in all, our target is to make your home in Malaysia hassle-free, convenient and exciting.

Bring back the spark of your life at home - be it from the living room or in your bedroom, get everything accessible at the touch of your fingertips. Not only that, we also provide customized and affordable network solutions to business start-ups that caters for a flexible and developing business requirement.

Here are some examples of the solutions we provide:


Pulse Networks focuses to get your residential home networking done right in the following areas:


Tired of a weak Wireless signal because you are unable to move the wireless router around? We have suitable devices and also we provide proper consultancy on the placement, adjustment and type of model based on your needs.


Have intellectual properties or confidential data that you wish to protect but also don't want to sacrifice on the accessibility? We can customize your security for you with a residential-based firewall!


Have tonnes of downloaded movies or musics that you have no idea where to store? Or perhaps you want a centralised storage for all of them? A properly connected Network-attached-storage is the answer!

Remote Access

Ever dreamed of accessing your data from anywhere you are? Perhaps sharing your photos to your families or accessing your work documents on the go? Secured access is the key!


Have a new business startup and wish to get the right solution for your office with an affordable pricing? Here's what we provide:


Most cafes/eateries these days provide wireless services as a value-added service for their customers to relax and unwind. Therefore, getting a good coverage and also proper speed throttling is vital. Get your wireless done right for ease of mind!


Have company details and documents that require storing in your office ? Our business-class Network-attached-Storage helps to store these critical information with 24/7 backup to prevent accidental data loss.


Nothing hurts a business more than losing crucial confidential company data. Protect them with a firewall and policy-based screening. Our Firewalls also provides proactive screening to consistently monitor your company traffic.


Would you prefer to have a consistent surveillance of your office even from abroad? the newly featured IP-cameras allows convenience when monitoring your office surroundings and also a constant video-storage in the Network-attached-storage or DVRs.


In Pulse Networks, we focus on your needs, from your wireless coverage, all the way to your storage accessibility.

There is no compromise when it comes to performing any customized requirements - we just do it great. From a wide variety of choices of products and vendors, the sky's the limit when it comes to your requests.

In TP-Link's range of networking products - it's perhaps one of the most versatile with their technology focusing on all the latest updates from all over the globe. Their router, powerline and switch products are made to last and shine - all possible even with a modest budget in mind.

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Perhaps one of the “niche” networking manufactures - we have always placed a healthy confidence in ASUS, because they are indeed sturdy, technologically advanced and also their product designs never cease to amaze. ASUS is definitely your choice if you’re a geeky fan who appreciates all the extra features on board (and outwardly impressive!)

A little more about this brand

ASUSTeK Computer Inc., usually referred to as Asus, and trading under that name, is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. ASUS has been known to make groundbreaking wireless technologies which are clearly shown in their Routers and Access Points.

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Tons of customers want something that is beyond data storage and durability - and if that is your requirement, we have an answer! Synology provides you with a wide array of apps that can cater to your needs, and similarly, their data transfer speeds are top notch!

A little more about this brand

Synology Inc., is a Taiwanese corporation that specializes in network attached storage appliances. Ever so often, their built-in applications with their robust NAS almost never cease to mesmerize and put users in awe. Synology products are known for their wide-array of customizable apps to suit the user’s needs.

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Known for their robustness and coverage, Ruckus has never ceased to provide optimum coverage and wireless management to their users.

A little more about this brand

Ruckus, a manufacturer of wireless (Wi-Fi) networking equipment for enterprises and service providers based on smart Wifi-technology has always been known for their Enterprise-grade wireless coverage and services.

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AMP NETCONNECT cables and accessories are our highly recommended physical connectivity product range. They have always been providing top-notch quality products with no compromise in design and scalability.

A little more about this brand

The AMP NETCONNECT business unit of Tyco Electronics develops, manufactures, and supplies a comprehensive range of communications infrastructure products and systems .Having established itself as the preeminent provider of commercial premises structured cabling systems for optical fiber and twisted-pair copper technologies, Tyco Electronics has broadened its AMP NETCONNECT product portfolio to include a complete line of residential cabling solutions.

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We believe that D-Link products can help to boost your network capabilities - both home and office environment with a bang on your buck. Your requirements, varying from a small home environment to a office complex hotspot environment - D-Link has never failed to accommodate all your needs.

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Look no further if you’re fan of a product that is made to last - and reliable. Netgear prides themselves on providing consumer and residential networking products that are affordable but at the same time, delivering business-class durability and robustness.

A little more about this brand

Netgear, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer of computer networking equipment and other computer hardware. Netgear has been known to many customers for their robust yet technologically advanced consumer products, ranging from retail switches to business-class products.

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Buffalo is highly recommended for those who require constant data transfer and storage - because Buffalo’s brand is synonymous with "robust". Their Network Attached Storages are built to last and providing a key mobility feature for users to access data from all around the globe.

A little more about this brand

Buffalo is a Global manufacturer of innovative storage, multimedia, and wireless networking products for the home and small business. Their range of products are cost-effective yet it does not sacrifice accessibility and performance. The free Buffalo cloud-service also provides a seamless remote access from anytime, anywhere.

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The main reason Aruba shines - they integrate access management, networks and applications into one programmable infrastructure that's secure, simple to manage and adapts to the dynamics of mobility. Deploy and manage with ease - that's every network administrators' dream!

A little more about this brand

Netgear, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer of computer networking equipment and other computer hardware. Netgear has been known to many customers for their robust yet technologically advanced consumer products, ranging from retail switches to business-class products.

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Customized installation

If you are interested in purchasing our solutions, please send us your details and we will come back to you within ONE working day upon receiving your order.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why do I need to purchase your network solutions when I already have my UniFi modem wifi?

The modem wifi is great to cover your living room (assuming it's placed there) or maximum 1 room away. Anything beyond that you need a proper solution to get the speed your ISP is providing.

I play online games and frequently disconnect/lag.

First thing is to try playing your game while connecting directly to your modem with a cable. if you're facing this issue only when you're on Wireless, then there is an issue with your wireless. however, even with cables and it's still slow, time to call up your ISP (or check whether the game itself is having issues).

Possible for me to stream all my favourite HD movies on my HDD to my SmartTV?

Yes you can, we would recommend having a cable pulled from your HDD (or NAS) to your TV, but of course if you prefer a not so intrusive approach I could customize the connection for you.

I am not getting a full broadband speed. Can i ask you to increase that?

Unfortunately we can't. You will need to upgrade your account to obtain a faster bandwidth. Call up your Internet Service Provider (Maxis/TM/Yes) to enquire.

Can I purchase my own products and have you install them?

Yes you could, but It'll be a best-effort support as we may not be familiar with the product that you have gotten. Service fees are chargeable.

Can I just purchase your products but I'll install them on my own?

Surely you can! Product-only sales require a minimum of RM500 and above.


Hi, I am a new start-up and require a basic office network connectivity. What do you recommend?

Depending on the number of users you have - we would recommend a simple network consisting of workstations, switches, server and a router with basic firewall feature.

My office has been using a cloud storage such as Dropbox for some time now. I want to get something more reliable where it’s physically placed in our office.

A locally placed server storage have its advantages and disadvantages. Firstly would be security and reliability where you know where your confidential data is stored - in your office. However you will need to make sure that your office’s network connection is up 24/7 to make sure the data is readily accessible anytime, anywhere. We would recommend a Network Attached Storage to begin with - from a wide variety of brands!

I am opening a new cafe/bistro and want to deploy a basic hotspot connectivity. Can you help?

Surely! We can even add in a basic Quality of Service feature in your hotspot so that your customers do not stream continuously and hog the bandwidth!

Why would I need a Firewall to protect my business? I have not been using it for as long as I know.

A good question - firstly you wouldn’t want your company’s valuable data to fall into the wrong hands. Without proper security, our basic ISP routers do not stand a chance against a trained hacker. Secondly, what good is a website when it is down and unavailable? A hacker could easily perform a Denial-of-Service attack on your web server and cripple it for as long as they want to.

I have a very tight budget for my network implementations for my start up. Are you able to fit into the budget?

We will try our very best to get an optimum setup based on your budget. However, we would recommend to increase your allocated budget as network deployments are usually deployed once - and you do not change it for a very long time to come. Therefore, quality is the key.